Who is there left to vote for?

The world’s largest democracy is in election season. But, unfortunately we have to choose between bad and worse. The current opposition, the Bhartiya Janta Party is infamous for being communal and suppressing minority communities. But is the Congress any better? It is considering to align itself with the Samajwadi Party in India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh. The Samajwadi Party has a reputation for being one of India’s most corrupt and complacent parties. While people were dying in relief camps in Muzzafarnagar, the police instead of maintaining law and order were looking for a minister’s stolen buffaloes. Instead of helping victims rehabilitate, the Samajwadi Party used its funds to host a Bollywood festival. There is a complete lack of empathy in today’s politicians. Rahul Gandhi, Harvard’s most famous alum (please get the sarcasm) talks about fighting corruption and then goes and shakes hands with Ashok Chavan, who is involved in the Kargil for Profit scam. Allying its self with the Rashtriya Janta Dal, the Rahul baba is taking a completely different stance by saying that he is not aligning with an individual, but an ideology. Well, I do not know what ideology the RJD has or ever had besides cheating the exchequer. But is the BJP any better? I agree that we should not harp about communalism. In a recent election rally, the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi swore that he would act as a watch guard against corruption. Well teaming up with scam tainted BS Yeddyruppa wasn’t the best move then. It is depressing seeing Indian news now a days. A Raja, the prime accused in the 2 G Spectrum scam is fighting elections for the DMK. So is Suresh Kalmadi’s wife on behalf of the Congress. Suresh Kalmadi is the reason why I had to bury my head in shame when my friends at university asked me why India could not participate in this year’s winter olympics at Sochi. But, then my hope in Indian politics, the great, the righteous Aam Admi Party comes along. It made me believe that there really could be a change in Indian politics, but how it has let me down. Kejriwal, the party’s leader was given the responsibility to govern Delhi, but he created such a snafu by resigning in 48 days. He might claim a moral high ground by saying that he came into politics only to implement the Jan Lokpal Bill, and since he couldn’t, he resigned. However, on the contrary , I feel that power has gotten to his head, and the greed of getting a Lok Sabha seat was the reason of his resignation. So my choices of candidates for this election are a group of Hindu fanatics, a party led by a college drop out and an unstable party who chooses to agitate every time it doesn’t get its way…


6 thoughts on “Who is there left to vote for?

  1. Looks great, Araeyus! Maybe separating the text into paragraphs to make them easier to read would be helpful. Also, putting headlines for each paragraph would make it easy for people to quickly learn about the info you’re going to talk about in the paragraph could also be a plus. Can’t wait to read more of your posts!

  2. It is true that there is lot of anti elements in Indian Politics…but being a citizen in this country u have to choose better of the lot. U can’t put the nation into military rule.

    • I agree with you there. All I am trying to say is that an institutional change needs to take place in the way our country runs. Right from the bureaucracy to political parties, changes need to be made. Military rule is never the answer.

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